Sunflower Fields in Cuenca

November 23, 2011


They are both in Cuenca, which is in Spain and famous for its houses that hang from the rocks. The city was built on a rock in times of war to get the best possible defense.


The view must be good up there  :-)

The photo by Mario modesto is under CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license at    

In that part of Spain water is scarce, and sunflowers can grow on little water. In a garden a sunflower can reach almost two meters in height, with large flowers measuring ten inches or more across, but in a field, as part of a crowd, they stay small.


There comes a storm, but it won’t bring any rain. It just looks as if, and in Spanish they say “Cuatro gotas”: there will be just four drops of rain:


And as to the hanging houses of Cuenca, below you can see them as part of the broader view with a bridge in the foreground. I don’t remember how far down the valley is, but it is really far, and looking down into the abyss often makes foreign visitors feel dizzy.


This photo published at   was released into public domain by its author Zarateman




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