Tattoos Forever

November 20, 2011

And if the fashion changes, it wil be very expensive to remove the tattoo. It will become a class symbol: low class: can’t afford removing the damned thing: can’t afford either to get a more modern looking one.

Most tattoos look dated. In my town, the guy who opened up the big tattoo shop next to where I live,  he has his window full of computer programmed tattoos. You can just see the computer’s solemn-silly mind.

And a question:
If I have an artist make a drawing on my ankle, and instead of a needle and ink he uses a ball point pen, can you tell?

There must be pens out there that could make a drawing look like a tattoo on skin, but can be removed some way or other. Of course, I have drawn my own tattoos with a Biro for an evening out.

For just an evening out it doesn’t have to be too solemn either.



It would be easy to add some tiny bikini or something: in red, for emphasis





One Response to “Tattoos Forever”

  1. puntualmente Says:

    ufff! I don’t like cats.

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